About Leo Stachnik

Leo’s ability to herd cats to get complex projects delivered in a 100% Chinese speaking environment has always impressed me.


Leo’s proficiency in Mandarin and business experience in China enabled our product to make significant headway in China. A multinational restaurant chain, 2 nationwide supermarket chains and one of the largest e-commerce channels in China were some of the new channels that Leo successfully got our product into.

Josh Townsend, ZEFFER CIDER CO.

Leo has impressed us with his command of Mandarin and diligence at work. He always works with much patience and carefulness, he always finished assigned tasks on time. He has good teamwork skills and always get on well with colleagues. During his time with us, Leo was responsible for overseas market research for a new-market entry project and had to communicate with different partners across several countries in order to complete the project – which he did so successfully.

Rocky Wang, HNA GROUP

I’m 36 years old and originally from New Zealand. I say originally because, although I was born and grew up in New Zealand, I have not lived there for around 14 years. Rather, I have spent much of my adult life in China – where I worked and studied for around 12 years.

I graduated with a Masters degree from Renmin University (The People’s University) where the medium of study was Mandarin. Hence, I am proficient in Mandarin. This proficiency enables me to watch and read news from Chinese language sources in addition to English language sources. I frequently compare media portrayals of China-related current events from different media sources ad find it very interesting how vastly different the portrayals of the same event can be. Hence, I enjoy sharing my own opinion on various current events that interest me.

I have worked across several different industries in China, including Aviation, Airlines & Tourism, Sales & Marketing, CRM Software Development and Alcohol. Throughout my journey across different roles, I have been involved in a variety of different projects in China including:

  • Conducting market research and compiling the business plan for the setup of 6 new airlines in Africa under one of China’s largest airline groups
  • Business requirements analysis and project management for the development of enterprise CRM software for a foreign automotive brand’s dealerships in China
  • Project management and Market Launch for the setup of 2 Tandem Skydiving Drop Zones in China
  • Conceptualization, setup, marketing and business development for a new Online Outbound Travel Bookings platform for overseas adventure sports
  • Distributor Mangagement, Business Development and Sales & Marketing for New Zealand’s largest independent cider brand

Since COVID-19 has changed the way the world works, I have been based outside of China. I have recently returned to New Zealand after spending almost 2 years in Russia.

If you are interested in what I write about or want to share your own perspectives, feel free to get in touch with me.